Unity Template to create games like Tetris!

How to Play:

  • Keyboard:
    • Left / Right Arrow to move the shape
    • Up Arrow to rotate
    • Down Arrow to make it fall faster
    • Double Down Arrow to make it fall to the end
    • H or Space to Hold/Take back the shape
  • Gamepad:
    • D-Pad Left / Right to move the shape
    • D-Pad Up or X to rotate
    • D-Pad Down to make it fall faster
    • Double D-Pad Down to make  it fall to the end
    • Y to Hold/Take back the shape
  • Mouse:
    • Click and move to move the shape
    • Click without moving to Rotate
    • Click on the Down Arrow to make  it fall to the end
    • Click on Hold/Take back the shape

Description from the Unity Asset Store:


Create your own game in few clicks with this Template!

Ever wanted to create your own "Tetris" game?

This template is the perfect fit!

Easy to use, easy to customize, adapt it to your style easily!


  • Full Template Game
  • Play using the Keyboard, Gamepad or Touchscreen
  • Highscores
  • Settings
  • Save System


  • Guess a word of 5 letters in only 6 tries
  • After each guess, the tile of each letter will change its color based on the following rules:
  • Green if the letter is in the word at the correct place
  • Yellow if the letter is in the word but NOT at the correct place
  • Red if the letter NOT in the word, in any spot


This is a template, not a full game (even if you can have a lot of fun with it)

You will have to adapt it to your own style.

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